Ultimate Podcast Guide V 2.0

Roohi Kazi
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Ultimate Podcast Guide V 2.0 is a podcast dashboard organization system, so you will never get overwhelmed with your podcast efforts.

⚡ Helps podcasters repurpose, manage, track their podcast episodes, and content

What's Inside:

⚡ You'll get Repurposing Ideas from 5+ podcasters, Resources, and Templates

⚡ Trackers for your Podcast

⚡ Interview Resources

⚡ Management Resources and Templates

⚡ Guest Outreach Resources and Templates

⚡ Access to Podcast Resources Page V 1.0

You can check out the new pages list here: https://charmed-guilty-d57.notion.site/Ultimate-Podcast-Guide-V-2-0-Waitlist-5a52f24c81944d6c946557893ea1da70


⚡ Twitter Resources(Ongoing Updates, In Process)

⚡ Build In Public Resources(Ongoing Updates, In Process)

⚡ Podcast Host Directory(Ongoing Updates, In Process)

⚡Podcast Internship Directory(Ongoing Updates, In Process)

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